December 12, 2019


The following public interest law firms, leaders, and organizations have pledged their support in the effort to preserve the union of one man and one woman through the West Virginia Marriage Protection Amendment.

American Family Association
Tim Wildmon, President

American Family Association of Indiana
Micah Clark, Executive Director

American Family Association of Michigan
Gary Glenn, President
One of two co-authors of Michigan’s Marriage Protection Amendment

American Family Association of New York
Frank J. Russo, Jr., President

American Family Association of Pennsylvania
Diane Gramley, President

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
Peter LaBarbera, Founder and President

Coral Ridge Ministries
Hector Padron, Executive Vice President

Christian Law Association
Gibbs Law Firm – Seminole, Florida
Barbara Weller, Corporate Counsel
Legal Opinion – Need for the Marriage Protection Amendment

Family Policy Network
Joe Glover, President

Family Research Institute
Dr. Paul D. Cameron, Chairman

Liberty Counsel
Steve Crampton, Vice President / Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Legal Opinion – Need for the Marriage Protection Amendment
Matt Barbera, Director of Cultural Affairs

Mission America
Linda Harvey, President

Robert Knight
Author, Columnist and a Drafter of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act

Thomas More Law Center
Richard Thompson, President & Chief Counsel

WV Southern Baptist Convention Associational Missionaries:

Allegheny Association
Rev. Dennis Cherry, Associational Director of Missions

Coalfields Association
Rev. Charlie Minney, Associational Director of Missions

Greater Huntington Baptist Association
Dr. Doug Virgin, Associational Director of Missions

Monongahela Association
Rev. James Smith, Associational Director of Missions

Mountain State Association
Dr. Donald Deel, Associational Director of Missions

Potomac Highland Association
Rev. Don Ertel, Associational Director of Missions

Upper Ohio Valley Association
Rev. Mike Watson, Associational Director of Missions

Titles and affiliations are provided for identification purposes only. Some names may have changed over time.

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